Bylaws, CT’s, Raffles & Taxes


Bylaws are required to be reviewed every year and updated every 3 years. English and Bilingual Bylaws are both available. Thinking about changing your dues, when you hold meetings, etc.? We can help update these for you. Be sure to download the Bylaws Review Form and Unit Needs Form for instructions!

CT’s & Raffle Registrations

The Franchise Tax Board requires every non-profit to obtain and renew each year a CT# (Charitable Trust). Need to apply or renew? Does your unit hold raffles or are you thinking about conducting raffles? We can help get you in compliance! See the Unit Needs Form for further instructions!


Don’t let the idea of taxes scare you away from doing what needs to be done! As a non-profit 501(c)3, we do not pay taxes, but we are required to file “informational” returns. Does your unit make less than $50.000 in gross receipts? Then we can help file your 199N & 990N. Please see the Unit Needs Form for further details!